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220V Input Single Output High Voltage Power Supply
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Product: Views:139220V Input Single Output High Voltage Power Supply 
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Last updated: 2017-11-19 06:36
high voltage power supply

Leadsun HV power supplies can be widely used in the fields of electrostatic precipitator, electrostatic flocking, electrostatic powder coating, electrostatic separation, laser cutting and welding, laser ranging, laser testing, air purifying, X-ray generator, X-ray diffraction, Nondestructive testing, high voltage capacitor charging, HV testing, voltage withstanding testing. Custom service is available.

Range of power supply
Working voltage 1000V-200KV
Working current 1uA-2A
Range of frequency 10KHz-200KHz
Range of power 50W-20KW

1. Low ripple, high accuracy, constant voltage and constant current control
2. Modular design and unit PC board control, easy for checking.
3. High stability and reliability of long time constant working.
4. Dry type high voltage power supply, the power can reach 10KW in a single unit.
5. Industrial standard of designing, the rated value is for constant working not peak to peak, big range for operation
6. Can be worked in the conditions of short circuit and sparks.
7. Over current, over voltage, less voltage protection
8. High accuracy of 4 digits shown constantly
9. The resolution is 0.01KV to 0.01mA

Items Parameters Remarks
Input voltage 220V AC Wave less than 10%
Rated power 3.0 KW Full load,output Umax, Imax
Rated output voltage 10kV
Rated output current 300mA
Relative voltage control accuracy 3% Uo=80%*Umax
Absolute voltage control accuracy 5% Uo=80%*Umax
Voltage/temperature coefficient 20V/1K
Voltage program accuracy Better than 5%
Voltage output range 3~10KV adjustable
Output limiting current 300mA
Control response time Better than 50mS
Ambient temperature -20 ~50C
Ambient humidity 10%-90% no atomization
Cooling Air cooling
Starting Soft start
Constant voltage control mode Phase shift PWM
Current control mode Constant current of average value
Peak value testing
Within 100nS overloading, cut off and restart automatically
Working frequency 20kHz
Converting efficiency Better than 85% Output voltage from 50%_75%,efficiency 80%_90%
Voltage regulation rate 5%
Dimension 750*370*220 mm L*B*H
Current voltage program mode By potentiometer