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WiFi People Counter
HPC015C electronic WiFi People Counter is based on a pair infrared sensor to count people in or out by passing a entrance, data can be checked on LCD display directly, special for retail shops monitor people flow.
Network People Counter
HPC005S Network People Counter is a updated network device to counts in & out people flow, data can be uploaded to server directly, special for chain stores human traffic analysis and management.
IR People Counter
HPC005 IR people counter is a device use to measure the number and direction of people pass a certain passage or entrance per unit time. It is often used at retail shops, chain stores, supermarkets, shopping mall…etc for human traffic analysis.
Directional People Counter
1、Introduction of the HPC005U directional people counter HPC005U infrared people counter is an updated device to count human traffic, the detecting sensor Receiver could count and send data to PC directly by USB cable, real wireless installation and easy
Standalone People Counter
HPC002 standalone visitor counter is a basic infrared beam device to measure the number of people pass by a entrance, there is a transmitter and receiver installed at two sides of entrance, mainly for basic human traffic analysis at retail stores.
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